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A Clockwork Orange

Image(The Jameson Rating: 90% An excellent controversial film that makes us concerned for the future. State of the art British acting and a concept so bizarre it’s intriguing.) Very rarely we ask ourselves the question as to who we really are and what our purpose is. When we look very deep into the answer, the results are puzzling and frankly, a little terrifying. Whether or not we make our own decisions, in regards to if we truly have free will or not, or if our decisions are already made or destined to be upon us, is a difficult understanding. Are our choices really our choices, or are they determined based on our genetics and past experiences? These are actually a little scary to think about, because we may never find out. For all we know, we could be brainwashed zombies, programmed by the government. As is the case in Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 adaptation of the Anthony Burgess novel, “A Clockwork Orange”. A government organization brainwashes criminal Alex free of his own choices and decisions. He is left with a sick feeling every time he has an urge to perform violent acts. Alex is left with the decision to either still act violently, or live how the government wants him to. Should he still rage, Alex will suffer horribly, so he really has little choice.

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