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Bruce Almighty

Image(The Jameson Rating: 75% A good slap stick comedy to be enjoyed, not critiqued. Many laughs will be had, and a great feel-good movie.) The existence of God is widely seen as the sort of topic that is avoided in almost all conversations. Out of fear that people will be disrespectful to personal beliefs, or that an angry dispute will begin, most stray from the topic. For the sake of a decent blog post, I will have to challenge that. When questioning the existence of a supreme being, there is another questions we must also ask ourselves. Is the existence of God based on evidence or belief? If you answer with evidence, then the question is a little trickier. It may very well be a fact that we cannot see, hear, or feel God, but we should never base conclusions on whether something is physical or not. If that were the case, then what would we say about wind, gravity, and love? Sure, there are factors that may contribute to the those theories, but could they just be results of something else we are incapable of seeing, or even just coincidences? We judge the reality of many of these based on theoretical belief, that just “makes sense”. To many, it just “makes sense” that a supreme being, like God, exists. These people are relying on the same sorts of beliefs that many Scientology-based people are relying on, and they are ridiculed for it. Despite it’s comical presence, the film “Bruce Almighty” starring Jim Carrey greatly questions the existence of God. The movie follows how someone like God is sometimes regarded as mean for allowing many of the tragedies like job loss, divorce, and death to occur. With so many devastations occurring, many people believe that there is no way someone like God could exist, but with a matter of hope and belief, He’s there.

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