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The Lorax

Image(The Jameson Rating: 65% A pleasant animated children’s film derived loosely from a classic Dr. Seuss story. A cute, funny movie with family-favorite actors and actresses; it teaches a good lesson, while providing a fun evening.) Recently we have been given a large project in which we are to study a serious ethical issue and analyze as to why it is performed. Although I am still unsure as to what I will choose to investigate, the topic of environmentalism caught my my eye. Despite having a broad range, when I think environmental issues I think of the deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. Just to prove how distracted my mind can get, a movie enters my thoughts when I get on this topic. The adaption of the Dr. Seuss book made just last year, “The Lorax”. Although it is a funny film for young children, it still teaches them a valuable lesson while informing them of an ethical issue going on currently in their lives. Obviously here I’m referring to deforestation. One of the main characters, The Once-ler, discusses his story with a younger character about how he developed a product that required the frequent cutting of trees in a forest. Through the process of cutting trees, the Once-ler encounters a small creature, the Lorax, that defends the forest. The Lorax informs the Once-ler that he is making a serious mistake by carrying out the action of cutting down the trees. Nevertheless, Once-ler still cuts the trees to the point that there are no trees left. This results in a plastic utopia in which there are no signs of any vegetation or fauna. The producers hope that the child viewers are then in shock of this issue, and feel obliged to do something in regards to helping the cause.

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