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Back to the Future

Image(The Jameson Rating: 95% Disputed as one of the best films Michael J. Fox has ever performed in and my second favorite directed by Robert Zemeckis (after “Forrest Gump.). A highly intelligent film with a beautiful script, superb acting, and a gorgeous plot. I could spend hours describing the brilliance of this film.) This week we began to do some work on paradoxes; what they are, a few examples, and elaborating on how to understand them. Admittedly, they are a little difficult to comprehend, some much more than others. A paradox is a statement in which seems contradictory and absurd, but further analyzing will prove it to be true. A good example of paradox includes: “The next statement is a lie. The first statement is true.” Such a message sounds a little tricky at first. If the first statement is peaking correctly, then the second must be a lie. However, that would mean the second statement is lying about the first statement telling the truth. Yes, this is an odd concept to try to wrap your head around. In fact, you could spend hours upon hours trying to figure it out, and you could never fully prove this concept. It’s the characteristic of being an unsolvable mystery that makes me love paradoxes. A famous paradox in a movie is the paradox in the film, “Back to the Future.” Heck, the name itself is a paradox. By going backwards, one would be traveling in a path backwards, not to the future. “Back to the Future” is a movie of time travel, a whole genre of mind-bending, brain-hurting concepts that sometimes don’t make sense, but do nonetheless. The film is a brilliant, funny adventure for a young boy and a professor. This is the kind of movie that we should be watching in a philosophy class! *hint* *hint*

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