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Image(The Jameson Rating: 25% One of the worst films I have ever seen. Horrible acting, horrible script, horrible everything. When people ask why I dislike Nicholas Cage’s acting, this is the film I reference.) In the past few weeks we have done a lot of talk on all the different types of syllogisms. Whether hypothetical or categorical, whether with “all” terms or “some” terms; we have spent countless weeks on them. That being said, it only makes sense to write a blog on them. The origin of a syllogism dates back as far as Ancient Greece, and are thought to have been discovered by Aristotle. An excerpt of his book “Prior Analytics” in which Aristotle describes a syllogism reads: “a discourse in which certain (specific) things having been supposed, something different from the things supposed results of necessity because these things are so.” You really have to wrap your head around this concept to try and understand it. This whole thought can be written in a simple equation:
All A are B
All C are A
Therefore all C are B
The funny thing about syllogisms is that no matter how preposterous the statements may be, and no matter how socially incorrect they may be, they can still be classified as valid. For example (and I do not at all suggest this as my own opinion);
All things involving guns are fun
All killings involve guns
Therefore, all killings are fun
Obviously this should not be seen as they are written, for it is a very inappropriate statement to make, but it is still called valid. Syllogisms can be found everywhere in everyday life. Songs, literature, and films. A particular movie I think of is one of my cousin’s favourite’s, Alex Proyas’ “Knowing”. Nicholas Cage’s character investigates a series of numbers found in a time capsule from 50 years ago. These numbers all reveal to be dates of natural and terrorist disasters in the past years. A few more dates remain on the sheet, which the character suspects to be more disasters. The character goes through a lot of searching to find that the last one written is the date of the apocalypse. His discovery can be incorporated into a simple syllogism:
“Earth is about to be destroyed
Humankind lives on Earth
Therefore, Humankind is about to be destroyed.”
After some more poor acting and a couple of cheap side plots, his discovery proves to be valid, and the Earth is destroyed along with humankind.

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